Frequently Asked Questions

Reach us by telephone, our website contact page, or by email.  We will offer you a quote after we determine your needs.  

Along with cash, we accept checks, credit cards, and money orders. Due to the on-going Covid-19 crisis, we have implemented an e-payment system to allow contactless payment.

We find that we can assist with most any matters that come our way.  In the rare case we are unable to provide the services you need, we will do our best to ensure we find you another attorney that can assist.

We believe clear communication is key to any successful representation.  You will be kept informed of your case’s progress at all times and someone will always call you back within a reasonable amount of time.

Would you perform surgery on yourself?  Unless you are a doctor, probably not.  Much the same way, legal issues are sophisticated and require a level of expertise.  Having an attorney will make sure you are properly informed and can reach the best decision about your current situation and future.

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